3251 81st Court East
34211 Bradenton , FL

Phases of Construction


Steps to Building your Backyard Dreamscape


1. Layout, Excavate and Steel: Special attention is given to the layout, and using our own excavator, dump trucks, and experienced in-house team assures the most important step in quality and accuracy.


2. Shotcrete Pool Shell: Our in-house professional team is a member of the American Concrete Institute. DuWet, Inc., has the only ACI certified nozzleman in the State of Florida. Shotcrete pools are one of the most popular designs in much of the United States.


3. Grade and Plumbing: We will rough grade the deck area and back-fill the pool shell. All plumbing will be pressure tested to assure there are no leaks.


4. Deck Construction: We will compact sub soil, back-fill the pool shell, grade the soil for proper concrete thickness, pour concrete at the correct slump and properly saw cut the deck. These are all essential to minimize deck cracking.


5. Brick and Tile: Only the newest designs and colors are available and are displayed in our showroom. Patience and precision are very important when it comes to brick and tile installation.


6. Deck Texture: Flo-Crete is applied.


7. Pool Equipment Set: We are a Hayward Select builder. We install the Totally Hayward System, the most complete and effective system in the industry.


8. Cage: You select the color....then your cage is installed.


9. Interior Pool Finish: You can be confident your pool will look great for years to come with CLI Quartz and Pebble Finishes. These finishes are applied by the best certified applicators in the State of Florida.


10. Final Grade and Clean-up: Of course we keep our jobsites clean and orderly at all times–however we do a final grade and a final clean-up when construction is complete.


11. Pool School: Our personal pool care person will give you pool-side instructions for the future operation of your pool. And he will give you your own personalized notebook, specifically designed for your pool, which will provide you with complete operational and maintenance instructions, equipment manuals, important contact phone numbers and warranty information.


12. Weekly Pool Maintenance Service: Optional.